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Re: Staghorn

> Is green hair algae synonymous with staghorn algae?

No, staghorn is a red alga.
What you are describing is a Cladophora (branching green algae, relatively
thick filaments). 
Although it does sound a bit long. ?If it's a darker forest green color, it
likely is a Cladophora.

> You both said that low Nitrates was apparently a trigger for this
> kind of algae.  After your responses I measured the NO3 level to
> be about 5 ppm.  I had already started selectively boosting different
> nutrients to see what effect it would have. I'll boost the NO3 level next.

Depends on what NO3 test kit you use. Most kits cannot resolve at this level
of ppm.

Upping the CO2 will help. 15ppm + or - 5ppm is normal error. If your range
is 25ppm, then 20-30ppm is a good/better range for the tank.
> THank you again very much for your help!
> Titus  =8)