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Re: Hydrotriche hottoniflora

I received a single stalk from Paul Krombholz at the 2001 AGA Conference. I 
have kept this plant in my 125 since then. 

My 125 has 4 x 96 watt PC lighting, CO2 injection, and I use TMG.

The stuff grows well with minimal care. I propogated it from the single stalk 
by cutting the top off, replanting, and letting the bottom part "Y" off until 
I got enough for a nice stand of it. Now I just cut and replant the tops, 
unless I want to give some to someone. I gave some to my LFS and they sell it 
regularly now from their own cuttings. Somethimes a top will send a green 
shoot to the top and it flowers. I have seen this a few times in my tank. It 
will grow to the top and across the surface of the tank if you let it. I have 
had stalks over 2 1/2 feet long at times, depending on how long I let it go 
without pruning.

I have mine planted behind a stand of Eusteralis stellata, and the differing 
leaf structure and reddish color of the E. stellata are a nice accent to the 
needle leaf and bright green color of the Hydrotriche.

Another _very_ nice feature of this plant, IMO, is that is does _not_ lose 
it's leaves on the lower stalks and become leggy, so it can be planted in 
plain sight and not behind wood or rocks.

My LFS has it growing enough to propogate in a medium light, non CO2 injected 
tank, but it grows slowly. I don't know about low light tanks. Probably would 
grow very slowly, I'd guess.


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