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Re: Why do water changes?


        As an experiment I did not change water in one 10g tank for 3 months. I added micro and macro nutrients as always. I topped up the water with distilled water. The plants did not do well, after 3 months the crypts melted completely. A week after water change, all these crypts came back to life and other plant showed new growth.

        Allelopathy is one of the reasons. This is when one plant gives off chemicals that influence the growth of another. Plants use this for survival I guess. Accumulation of these chemicals would probably cause uneven plant growth in your tank. Changing water regularly will reduce the effect of these chemicals on your plants.

        Please read about it in Diana Walstad's book "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium"

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>From: kyle at onebox_com
>Subject: Why do water changes?
>Hi everyone,
>I know that we are supposed to do regular water changes (I do mine weekly) even with planted tanks.  My question is why?  I'm not doubting they are necessary, its just that I'm having a hard time articulating exactly what is accomplished by doing them.  Essentially my reasoning usually comes down to something like "to remove bad stuff", hardly scientific.