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Re: CO2 Cylinders

Tony C. said, in part:

> Most have stated that it takes too long to
> wait for yours to be filled, so they follow the trading
> practice. 

I'm surprised.  The actual filling takes about a minute or
> I understand that all cylinders must be tested, (which is
> a very good thing) but I want to know if it is worth
> buying a new tank and dropping it off to have it filled
> and pick it up later to be sure to get your own cylinder
> back? Or is it better to let them swap out with
> pre-filled, pre-tested cylinders? In the long run which
> would be better?

Six of one.  DOT regs require a retest every five years to
ensrue against metal fatigue.  Testing should not cost more
than about $10 bucks give or take.  So It's not a big
expense.  Whether you swap or not will probably be decided
by the procedure your vendor uses.

Safety?  Don't leave a compressed gas tank of any kind in a
parked car even on seemingly cool days.  It's better in the
trunk than the passenger compartment when you transport it
-- put it where it won't bounce around.  They're no less
safe than that fire extinguisher you have in the kitchen
and/or laundry (you do have a fire extingusher in the
house, right?)

Scott H.

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