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Re: CO2 Cylinders

I bought my tank after inquiring about who would refill it in the area. I
have so far found a fire extiguisher company who will refill it, my soft
drink supplier said he will also refill it for me or even go so far as
providing me a 50# tank to use to refill my own tank (which I'm not going to
do), there is also a home brewing shop in the area but I haven't asked them
yet. Both of the sources I found above are not able to rent or provide
replacement cylinders, the soft drink company doesn't have anything smaller
than 50# and the fire extinguisher company said they don't normally work
with this type of cylinder. I did not ask how long it will take to refill,
perhaps this is an important thing to consider when comparing a replacement
service Vs refilling your own tank. If I can't get good turn around times
from these sources I will find a place to store the larger cylinder and take
the softdrink company up on their offer to give me a 50# tank and refill it
myself. The only problem with this is that a 50# tank will last me several
years, probably longer than the stamps are valid for on the cylinder itself,
all I need is another dead weight in my garage!

I know when it comes to my BBQ gas cylinder which the local gas station
replaces with a full one each time, I sometimes ask for a different cylinder
when they give me one that doesn't look too good or has rust showing around
the weld or dents. The stamps and tests are valid but the visual aspect of
some of these tanks leave a little to be desired for. Probably just me being
picky but I like the idea of having a brand new cylinder and having it
tested myself when required, specially seeing it will be in my living room.

What does everyone else do?

Giancarlo Podio

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With all the information out there on CO2 cylinders, I'm wanting to find the
best solution to getting a CO2 cylinder. I have read all the horror stories
and problems associated with defective tanks, and from what is being said
from many people, most places that fill CO2 end up swapping out your empty
one for an already tested and prefilled one. Most have stated that it takes
too long to wait for yours to be filled, so they follow the trading

I understand that all cylinders must be tested, (which is a very good thing)
but I want to know if it is worth buying a new tank and dropping it off to
have it filled and pick it up later to be sure to get your own cylinder
back? Or is it better to let them swap out with pre-filled, pre-tested
cylinders? In the long run which would be better?

My situation is that Im ready to set up my system, and I want to do the
right thing. Most of all, I want to be safe. Let me know what you all think.

 Tony C.

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