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CO2 Cylinders

With all the information out there on CO2 cylinders, I'm wanting to find the best solution to getting a CO2 cylinder. I have read all the horror stories and problems associated with defective tanks, and from what is being said from many people, most places that fill CO2 end up swapping out your empty one for an already tested and prefilled one. Most have stated that it takes too long to wait for yours to be filled, so they follow the trading practice. 

I understand that all cylinders must be tested, (which is a very good thing) but I want to know if it is worth buying a new tank and dropping it off to have it filled and pick it up later to be sure to get your own cylinder back? Or is it better to let them swap out with pre-filled, pre-tested cylinders? In the long run which would be better?

My situation is that Im ready to set up my system, and I want to do the right thing. Most of all, I want to be safe. Let me know what you all think.

 Tony C.

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