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re: CO2 Setup

Hi Bob,
I bought the cylinder on eBay, I actually slept through the first one up for
grabs that sold for $30 but didn't have a regulator. There's actually some
nice aluminum 2.5 pound cylinders going for about 20-30 bucks but I figured
that it would probably run out rather quickly so I waited to find a 5#.
I'll see if we have a local clippard distributor otherwise I'll just order
it online, sounds like it's a popular one so I won't take chances with
different models. Do you know what adapter I should ask for to connect it to
the regulator? What's the alternative, connect it inline somewhere along the

Thanks for the info
Giancarlo Podio

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>I have found a new 5# cylinder with regulator for around $50

That is a very good price.  Care to share where you got it??

>Seeing the needle valve appears to be the most important item here, any
>other models or brands I should know about or use as comparisons?

As far as a needle valve, I would highly recommend the Clippard MNV-4K2.
You can buy it from Clippard directly, a local distributor (see their web
site, www.clippard.com, for local distributors - *** this is your lowest
cost alternative ***) or online fish stores such as AquaBotanic, Florida
Driftwood (where I bought mine).  You will need an adaptor to connect it
directly to the regulator, doing so is something which I highly recommend.

If you have a local Clippard distributor, should cost you about $11 + tax.

It has 7-8 "turns of revolution".  I and others find it a great needle valve
for the price.  Also, it is a more accurate needle valve than the one
offered by FishVet and others (which has the black knob).

Bob Alston
BobAlston9 at AOL_com