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Re: PMDD in the UK

>> Hi there,

>>Has anyone had much look in getting the various ingredients to PMDD
together in the UK?

>>Mainly, I am having problems obtaining a suitable Chelated Trace Mix.
Anyone know any good UK
>> brand names or suppliers? The same goes for the other ingredients as
well, if you have tracked
>>down the info.



For my traces i use Kent Freshwater Plant which you can get online at
www.aquatics-online.co.uk. This doses Fe, some K and other micronutrients.
For my macros (phosphate, nitrate and potassium), i buy them in powdered
from from http://www.gardendirect.co.uk/ (get a catalogue sent as their
website is under construction) and then mix up some liquid ferts using the
dosage calculators on Chucks page. Magnesium i get from the chemist as
epsom salts and add it dry to the tank.

I believe garden direct do sell a chelated trace mix but im not sure how
good it is.