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Re: Need Identification of Several Plants

     * From: "Steven Pituch" <spituch at ev1_net>

Here on Padre Island near Corpus Christi I have been keeping an eye 
out for plants for a biotope.  I have found a few interesting 
specimens which I haven't been able to identify.  If you would care 
to try your luck I have some pictures at



The #1 plant looks just like one that is common in the ditches that 
have water all year in central Mississippi.  It looks like a large 
Ludwigia to me, also, and it has large yellow flowers.  When I tried 
it in the aquarium, it insisted on growing as a floating plant.  If I 
tried to grow it submerged, it refused to grow new leaves, but the 
stem elongated slowly, producing nodes with only tiny rudiments of 
leaves.  if your plant is actually producing leaves underwater, it 
may be different.  I, too, tried to find it on the Florida invasive 
weeds site and couldn't.  That is strange, because it is common 
around here.

Unknown #2 does look like Bacopa monnieri or a close relative to me, also.

Unknown #3 is likely a Polygonum species.  I found one that looks 
very similar in the ditches around here, and it grows reasonably well 
submersed, although it would rather be emersed.  Tropica sells a 
species that has reddish new growth, but this one is plain green.

Unknown #4 is some kind of sedge.  There are a million different 
kinds, and one has to get the flowers and seeds to identlfy them.  It 
will be interesting to see if it continues to do well submersed or 
whether it requires being at least partially emersed.
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi