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Oriental's Aquarium Plant Handbook now at AGA Bookstore

[Warning: Somewhat blatant infomercial for non-profit club follows. Avert 
your eyes!]

Hi folks,

As some of you have noticed in the last couple of days, the Aquatic
Gardeners Association has acquired several copies of Oriental Aquarium's
new book _The Aquarium Plant Handbook_, and they are now for sale at our

I'd been wondering when this would be available in the states ever since
Claus Christensen touted it at the convention last November, so it's nice
to see it carried in our own organization.  It's 185 pages long, about
twice the size of Oriental's last "catalog" book, and has both photos and
a paragraph describing the culture of each plant.  There's also about 20
pages of introduction and general info, including a foreward by Amano.

The AGA's Bookstore offers a small selection of hard-to-get aquarium plant
books, as well as back issues of our Journal.  I'm not sure this book is
an AGA exclusive at the moment, but I haven't yet seen this book offered

For more information, or to order the book, pop on over to our website 
http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org (online orders now accepted!).  

Hope to see some of you next week at the NEC Convention in Hartford.  
With luck, we will have some very cool news to announce. 

  - Erik

Disclaimer: Yes, I am the president of the AGA, I like this book, and I
think you should buy it.  I also think you should join or renew your
membership so we can keep publishing in color! :)

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com