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plant lice

A while back I talked about my 10 gallon terrarium and
the bugs contained therein.  There are still some
aphids and gnats, but I have enlisted the help of a
spider I captured in the bathroom, so I'm hoping that
will help (plenty more in the basement).  I don't want
to flood the tank right now as I have some seedlings
coming up that will probably do better emeresed for

Anyhow, the H. corymbosa I have growing in there
apparently has plant lice.  They show up as a bunch of
yellowish or brown nodule things on the leaves.  Is
that what those are?  Are they insect eggs?  Any
non-chemical way to get rid of them?  I have seen
something similar on the sugar maple out front.  

One other weird thing: Two stems of H. difformis that
have been growing emersed for a long time have grown
suibmersed style leaves emersed!  They are thicker and
tougher but are shaped like leaves that have been
growing under water (round emersed leaves below them
on the same stem!).  What's that all about?     

Thanks, Cavan

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