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Re: Sand/substrate, algae, aeration/circulation, etc.

Hi Jason, I have 2 clown loaches in my 55 gallon tank and they have
eliminated every trace of snails. I don't know how the Botia Striata is with
snails but if he's anything like my clowns I doubt your tank will be taken
over with snails. BTW I have also had clown loaches that couldn't care less
about the snails so it might be worth giving it a shot and see how it goes.
I used to have one of those loaches but don't remember what he used to do
with snails. Regarding circulation, you could try changing the position of
your filter uptake and return. Mixing the substrate might help, you're
looking for a darker tone to better hide the waste that settles on the
substrate right? My cichlid tank is somewhat the same, white sand and you
can see all the poop. Playing with filter flow and current also helped me
with this problem, lately the current brings a lot of the waste towards the
filter intake which I lowered and moved recently, what isn't sucked up seems
to settle in the vicinity so it's easier now to vacum out than before when
it just used to fall anywhere.
Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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Fish warriors,

I am on the verge of completely redoing my 55 gal tall planted tank.  It is
in need of cleaning, and I'm thinking that several factors should be changed
in the process.  Here's the current details/problems:

#1. Flourite substrate w/sand on top.  The sand looks cool, but everything
(fish poop, food, etc.) all just sits on top of it and looks ugly (+
decays).  What's a better solution?  Just Stirring it up w/the flourite?
Smaller gravel instead of the sand?

#2. Circulation problems.  My Fluval 304 seems to do a decent job, but it
seems like water circulation could be better.  Powerhead?  Second filter?

#3. Aeration: do I need an air stone?  Fish seem to be hanging out @ the
surface quite a bit - are they wanting air?  I do not yet have a CO2 setup,
but I have lots of plants (don't they produce oxygen for the fish?)

#4. Algae: I definitely need more than my current algae crew, and want to
get some snails that won't eat my plants.  Aren't these the Malaysian Rams
horn Snails?  How many for a 55 gal tall?  And will they reproduce and take
over my tank?

Here's my current tank inhabitants:

1   Thin Line Loach (Botia striata)
2   Kuhli Loaches
2   Flying Foxes
3   Bosemani Rainbows
3   Orange Plattys
1   Gold Molly
2   Knight Gobies
3   Corys
5   Small Neons
3   Glass cats
6   Fancy guppies

Thanks a lot!  :-)

Over and out.... ... ..  .    .


beatsfrombeyond at mac_com