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Re: Hagen LifeGlo

>I'd like to know if anyone knows about Hagen LifeGlo 6700K
>and  PowerGlo  fluorescent light. Is it good for planted tank?
>I have 3 tubes over my 14 gallon tank.Two LifeGlo and one PowerGlo.
>Any other better suggestions of Hagen tubes?
>Is 6700K good to grow plants? I like the crisp light of LifeGlo. 

I don't have any expierience with the LifeGlos, but I did use a few 
PowerGlos back before I switched over to PCF lights. I was pretty happy with 
the color of the PowerGlos, which is similiar to maybe a 6700K light as I 
recall in terms of how it looks. I'm not sure if Hagen actually specifies a 
color temperature for the bulb. I wasn't all that impressed with the amount 
of light I got from the bulb, but I don't think it is any worse than a 
"normal" flourescent of the same type. I also have found the SunGlo lights 
to be good, and actually still use some of the little T5 size bulbs over a 
few 2.5 gallon tanks I have (using DIY fixtures). 


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