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RE:Mega dosing the day before a water change


Referring to your post about mega dosing, you wrote:

"Anyone Mega dose a day or less before the 50+% water change?
I've been doing this for three weeks.
I add 2x the KNO3(20ppm) and KH2PO4(around 2ppm) I would normally.
I don't add a bunch of expensive Trace elements nor do I add K2SO2 since
there's already a fair amount from the KNO3 and residual K2SO4 that's added
after the last water change."

"The plants get a nice spike of nutrients then a water change with the
amount of nutrients the next day."

My question is: When you add "the normal amount of nutrients the next day"
are you adding back only those which you did not boost the day before? That
is, adding back everything except KNO3 and KH2PO4? I assume this is what
you mean to re-balance the water chemistry.  

--- Eric