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RE: Non-CO2

I had a non-CO2 10 gallon tank on my desk here at home for a couple years. I
recently changed it over to a 7 gallon bowfront (got a good deal on tank,
hood and light, with a few extra goodies). So I turned the 10 into a
much-needed quarantine/holding tank, and set up the bowfront on my desk. It
is still a no CO2 tank, but I do run a small filter and heater. I also have
a 55 gallon planted tank that has gas CO2. I can't say I like one over the
other- I enjoy them both. The little one is definitely slower growing, but
still looks quite nice, I think.

I still have the webcam running on it- www.thirtytwopaws.com/fish and follow
the link there. The tank needs some cleaning up right now- I just got it set
up this week, so it has some "stuff" that settled from moving the old
substrate, etc,... I do think the curved glass distorts the pics some, and
we are going to try to get some still pics of it....

Gotta get some new pics of the 55 up, too- but I'm messing with -that- this
weekend..... :)

In FINALLY warm and springy New Hampshire, USA- even the pond fish are
peeking out, and the snow is melting, melting, melting!
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