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Is this algae?

Hello all,

I have some strange (at least to me) filamentous stuff growing in
my tank and would like to know what it is and how to deal with

The details:
I have a 10 gallon tank illuminated with 28W of compact
flourescent lighting. The tank has lots of some sag. species,
lobelia cardinalis, a couple of hygro. species, some java fern,
and some 'christmas' moss. I'm using DIY CO2; I haven't checked
the pH level lately, but in the evening before the lights go off,
I've noticed some pearling so I assume the CO2 level is OK. I
change the water every two weeks or so. I dose with KNO3, K2S04
and KH2P04 twice a week or so.

The tank has 7 cherry barbs, 5 lemon tetras, 3 very small SAEs, a
couple of otos, and a couple of algae-eating shrimp. All the
animals appear happy; no signs of stress.

There is almost no algae apparent in the tank; I did have 
some beard or BBA algae growing for a while, and also some 
BGA, but once I got my C02 back in order (I had let it go 
for quite a while), all that disappeared. Some green/brown 
stuff accumulates on the glass over two weeks, but its not 
much and easily dealt with with a soft scrubpad. 

There is, however, this fine thread-like stuff growing in 
the tank. It seems to originate from amongst the christmas 
moss, but there could be more of it elsewhere that I haven't 
noticed. The stuff has a diameter approx. the same as a 
human hair, and branches many times. It is a dark, dull 
green. It is suprisingly tough, having the tensile strength 
of a few strands of human hair, and is attached quite firmly 
in amongst the moss. That said, it can still be removed 
fairly easily by pulling on it. I would post a picture but I 
don't have a camera. 

Is this fine stuff some sort of algae or is it some plant 
structure of the moss? I've never seen this stuff before; it 
only appeared after I got the CO2 back in order and the 
beard/BBA algae disappeared. If it is an algae, any 
suggestions on how to prevent it? 

Thanks very much for your help!
T.  =8)
Titus Mathews Jr