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Looking for help with 37g tall, low light

When I first started my aquarium a few years ago I did not plan for
plants, so I have pretty rotten gear for them... I am looking for
recommendations on what I can grow with what I have, or what simple
modifications I can make to my setup. I'll be happy with pretty much
anything that grows besides algae.

37g tall tank (>14" from lights to gravel)
Eclipse 3 hood
About 30W of light: 1 ZooMed FloraSun, 1 TropicSun bulb
Substrate: Fine river gravel with no additives, about 2.5" (a bit short, I
Fertilizer: None currently though I have experimented with PMDD and Jobe's
root spikes.

Currently I am growing crypt. wendtii (sort of a khaki colored variety)
and it is thriving. The Petco plant I bought almost tripled in size over a
couple of months and I was able to split it into 3 parts, and they seem to
be doing well, all sending up new leaves just a couple of weeks after
being transplanted.

The problem is, this is the only plant I have been able to keep
successfully. I guess the low light with the tall tank is a killer. I
would like a little variety, if possible. If not, I guess I will grow a
lot of crypt. wendtii. :)

Java moss: Won't grow, and fades away. (at 1.5W/gal in my old 10g tank, it
grew like a weed)

Java fern: Can't hack it. Browns out.

Saggitaria: Seemed to do OK, it did grow a bit, but after 3-4 months it
started turning brown and dying out. (I was using PMDD during this time.)

Random Amazon Sword from LFS: Kicked the bucket.

What else can I try? At least I have a benchmark with the crypt.
wendtii... anything equally easy to grow? Easier?

Is it desirable or even possible to add iron bearing material to my
substrate -- or will I have to empty out the tank to make that

Lastly, any way to cram more light into the Eclipse 3 hood?

Many thanks in advance!