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Re: C02 Utopia??

At 06:17 AM 3/20/2003, Mike G. wrote:

>I've just got my new Dave Gomberg C02 System set up & running (thanks 
>Dave!).  I am running an Eheim Pro Series filter and my tank is a 
>27-gallon flatback (hex front).  The intake is set up vertical in one 
>corner of my tank; the outflow is set up vertical in the other as it flows 
>around the rounded front of the tank toward the intake.  I set the Eheim 
>Diffusor in the bottom corner of the tank and just underneath the 
>outflow.  It's a beautiful setup.  As the tiny C02 bubbles flow up from 
>the diffusor the outflow pushes them across the tank and it looks like 
>little snow flurries as they literally drift throughout the whole tank 
>from top to bottom, side to side, and front to back.  From the standpoint 
>of C02 coverage throughout the whole tank, it is perfect.  It's kind of 
>neat to see too, technology in motion.
>I'm wondering though if this is the norm for C02 tanks? Is this what I'm 
>really trying to achieve? If you think about it, it doesn't give it a 
>natural look with bubbles drifting throughout the tank.  Should I offset 
>the diffusor a little away from the outflow so the C02 bubbles will slowly 
>drift up, or should I be thrilled and consider it a utopian setup as is? 
>If the consensus is that it stays as is, when the plants arrive Friday, I 
>hope they'll be happy to be bombarded by little C02 bubbles.


I use a power reactor, which dissolves 100% of the CO2 in the water (as 
evidenced by no visible bubbles coming out), so I have no experience with a 
diffusor. Visible CO2 bubbles in the water, and especially on the surface, 
are evidence of incomplete dissolution. If your CO2 concentration is 
adequate, as calculated by pH and KH, then you don't have a problem, unless 
you find the bubbles unsightly. If the CO2 concentration is inadequate, 
then you definitely want to work on getting more of that CO2 dissolved and 
less escaping as bubbles.