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Re: non CO2 tanks

> Just curious, Tom; what size are the tanks and how much/what kind of
> light do you have on them?
> Lori

I've done several over the years before trying CO2 and have done 5 since.
All have done perfectly well and I have grown a number of red plants,gloss,
hairgrass etc but had floating plants etc also. I am now doing two. They are
small 4 gallon open top cubes with 4 inches of onyx sand+ peat/mulm. There
are no filters, heaters etc. I have recently placed a 13 w light pendant
over them but they get a fair amount of sunlight.
The idea is to have to never do water changes, add electricity, have any
wires or other clutter.

Total minimalist approach but still have a good deal of aquascape and nice
plant health. I believe I have achieved it and it will only look better as
time goes on. 

I also am using plants that are traditionally not thought of as good non CO2
plants, actually these plants give trouble to many folks with high light and
CO2. One tank has a Bald Cypress in it.

Tom Barr