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Florida festival

I am pretty certain this will be a go.
Some folks have offered to chip in and help.
I have a couple of folks in mind for talks thus far. One is a well respected
limnologist that is familiar with aquatic plants and another is a micro
propagator of aquatic aquarium plants. This may change though.
It'll be semi academic and more based on plant natural habitat and roles in
The talks will not be about basics, but rather more advanced stuff and
natural aquatic macrophyte ecosystems in this region.

Lectures are great but I feel it does not teach folks nearly as much. Labs
and field experiences are much more fun and exciting. People remember it and
get more out of it I feel. Hands on experiences.

Then you can think about recreating the tank from natural inspiration.
I will likely have vans to cart folks to and from and provide the BBQ on Sat
and will make hotel and cheap motel accommodations for folks but it's up to
them to make reservations. I'll try to make sure folks stay at the same
hotel so folks are not spread out.'

Friday's talks will be the only lecture part. Some less formal talks may
occur at the Park itself under a shelter etc. I may see about getting a well
know springs biologist to talk before we head down the river(Sam Cole).

I will also be able to get inner tubes and such for folks. They can pay for
that right outside the parks and Rainbow springs rents canoes right in the
park. Water is 71-74F so it might be a tad chilly for some folks who
snorkel. No dive flags etc are needed except at Rainbow Springs.
Food is on your own except for Sat after noon and there a number of places
to eat along the way.

I'm looking at about 75$ per person. This does not include the hotel, other
food expenses, Inner tube rental(about 10$).

Tom Barr