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CO2 Setup

OK Tom you've convinced me :-)   After years of DIY bottles I'm going to try
out a compressed CO2 setup on one of my tanks. I have a new regulator from
Italy but I was not able to find out if the threads or anything differs from
the US standards so I'm going to just buy a new setup and keep the regulator
I have for another day. I have seen a couple of regulators with solenoid,
needle valve and some with bubble counter on eBay for about $90-100. Here
are the two types I have found:



The JBJ unit comes with a glass diffuser while the Milwaukee model has a
bubble counter. Can anyone suggest either of these models or something
different within a similar price range?

Is a 5 pound bottle too small? I want to make sure it fits inside the
standard 55gal tank stand. I have soft water and plan on using a timer at
first so I'm guessing I shouldn't be using too much gas, how long should I
expect a 5 pound bottle to last? I'd even go smaller if I don't have
problems refilling it.

I've seen new tanks online but they seem rather expensive, where is a good
place to start looking for a used tank?

Does anyone have any used CO2 equipment they wish to sell?

Giancarlo Podio