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Re: Mega dosing the day before a water change - or - Inviting the beast to dinner

Thomas Barr presented an interesting additional tactic for
keeping algae at bay -- maybe you could call it the
nutrient tease:
> Anyone Mega dose a day or less before the 50+% water
> change?
> I've been doing this for three weeks.
> I add 2x the KNO3(20ppm) and KH2PO4(around 2ppm) I would
> normally.
> I don't add a bunch of expensive Trace elements nor do I
> add K2SO2 since
> there's already a fair amount from the KNO3 and residual
> K2SO4 that's added
> after the last water change. . .

Then, right after the water change, no more KNO3 or KH2PO4
is added, since the levels will be about 10ppm and 1ppm
respectively?  But K2SO4 and traces are added right after
the water change and then a maintenance dose of whatever's
needed during the week, yes?

Scott H.

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