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Re: Boosting Nutrients...


Yes, I've done that before.  I used to do it mostly the week or so before a 
picture shoot but I decided to start doing it all the time.  Since then I've 
noticed significant algae reduction and insane plant growth in my 90g.

I can't attribute those results entirely to a large dosing before a WC as 
I've upped the doses across the board, but have also made a proportional 
increase in my last dose of the week.  My plants responded best with a 
disproportional increase in PO4.  I'm using a Fleet Enema and add 1/8 tsp 
~.68ml the first two doses and 1/4tsp ~1.25mL on the last.  KNO3 gets 
boosted from 1/2tsp to 3/4tsp as well.

On weeks where I may have gotten off schedule I added a usual dose 1/2tsp 
KNO3, 1/8tsp PO4 and maybe 1/2tsp K2SO4 the day before a WC, even if I had 
dosed the day before.

While my tanks aren't pretty the growth results can be seen at the local 
club's website: www.aquacharlotte.com in the Gallery section.

Phil Edwards
Charlotte, NC

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