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Re: Flourite

>I'm browsing through their web site now but I doubt I'll find flourite. What
>they will have is that power stuff you mix with gravel and then bury at the
>bottom of the tank. You're supposted to change it every 2 years. There's no
>way I'm gonna be changing it for many many years if I go that path!

Are you talking about laterite being the stuff you mix with the gravel? It 
should last longer than 2 years. I think Flourite is probably the best 
long-term substrate on the market, if you can find it at affordable prices 
down there. You could probably get one of the mail order places to ship 
internationally, and I don't think you'd have export/import problems 
shipping rock that is intended to be free of critters. Shipping charges 
will probably make it expensive though -- even local-ish shipping charges 
for bags of Flourite can be pretty significant.


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