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Re: LFS location in CT

> Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 11:53:12 -0500
> From: "Kinney, Travis" <kinney at pdtarchs_com>
> Subject: LFS location
> Anyone know of a good aquarium shop that would have live plants and
> hopefully shrimp near Danbury and Hartford, Conn?
> - -Travis
> Planning a trip down to Gettysburg and back to Maine.
it more expensive.

There's not much in the state of CT for plants and I never found a place
with shrimp. Best bets for plants near Hartford is Exotic Super Pet in East
Hartford...near the new Uconn football field. Emmons Tropicals in Simsbury
carries a decent supply of common plants and Magic Pet on the Silas Deane
Hwy. has some also. Hate to say it but Petco and Petsmart ( there's one in
Waterbury off I 84 & Rt. 8 near Home Depot) usually has a good selection if
you happen in after a new shipment arrives. Heading towards the southern
part of the state there is http://www.houseoffins.com/index.html . There's
also a place in Norwich..I believe it's called Norwich Aquarium. If you're
going to be in Mass. the place I go for shrimp is called Uncle Ned's Fish
Factory  http://www.unclenedsfishfactory.com/ . Exceptional place for
plants,  fish and shrimp!
Bob Buettner from NW CT