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Cross Post Chat 3/18

Compuserve Fishnet Chat

Join us this Tuesday at 9p EST (6p PST, 2a GMT) for our weekly American
Cichlid Association (ACA) Chat!

Erik Olson will be our special guest this week discussing Planted Aquaria
and Dwarf Cichlids!

Here is some info about Erik:

"I've been in the aquarium hobby seriously for about 12 years now, starting
from a single acrylic tank bought used at a thrift store. At the moment my
wife Kathy and I are keeping about 20 tanks.   Seven or so of these are
dedicated to different Lake Tanganyikan shell-dwellers, while the remainder
are heavily-planted using various levels of lighting and "tech".  These
latter tanks are almost all dwarf cichlids from South America and west
Along with my interest in fish and plants, I've been a major tech geek in
the hobby, first participating online in Usenet's alt.aquaria back in '91,
then starting what was probably the first aquarium website, The Krib, in
1994.  I was president and newsletter editor of the Greater Seattle Aquarium
Society for many years.  Around 1995 I signed on the Aquatic Gardeners
Association to help with their website, and ended up president of the
organization to this day.  For the last year and a half, I've also taken on
the exciting job of layout editor of the ACA's Buntbarsche Bulletin, forcing
me to finally learn about big South American cichlids or whatever else comes
around in the articles every issue.  Producing the BB has also finally given
me a place to "sneak in" my own cichlid photos that I've been taking for the
last 10 years.  Finally, you may have spotted me permanently attached to a
bunch of video gear at conventions, building up an archive of talks.
In 1999 Kathy & I had the pleasure of visiting the Amazon near Manaus, where
we caught Apistos and other fish.  Amazingly, we also got to bring back
PLANTS.  More amazingly is that this was a couple months before the infamous
incident of the german aquarists being thrown in jail for attempting to
export fish from Manaus.

I've given talks on photography, aquascaping, plants, keeping plants with
cichlids, and our collecting trip.  But I am glad to answer questions on any
topic I can!"

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arrive at the website, click on Chat (a chat applet will load and may take a
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 Select the ACA Chat Room from the list and click Enter.

To find out more about the American Cichlid Association, visit http://www.cichlid.org