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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #85

How do I get this off Digest and onto normal mode?

Also, sorry to ask the million dollar question for the upteenth time, but
I'm in a huuuge rush.

I have had a large tropical fresh tank (with canister filter) for some 12
years, and always used a sand substrate (I like the bright) and grown plants
in pots with peat moss. I'm sick of the lack lusture growth of my plants so
I was thinking of doing peat in the bottom of the tank then sand.

Browsing the web I discovered the world of Flourite. I would like to know
what is the best substrate for me. Criteria:
1) Long lasting, No fuss!
2) Excelent plant growth without problems effecting the water
3) Not unreasonably expensive.

The problem with flourite is that it is illegal to import biological things
into AU (including gravel, dirts and clay) without a permit, so they want to
charge me $90 for a 7KG bag (which is hillariously unfunny) so I was
thinking of getting my uncle who is on holidays in the US for another few
days, to pick up some flourite and post it to me.

So, if flourite is the way everyone recommends then I would like to know
what $US I should be paying for it and anyone know a place in Palm Desert
where they are reliable/cheap?


(again apologies for asking the question that I'm sure everyone joins and
asks, but am in a fantastic rush!)