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Black Brush algae


I battled BBA and other green algae for a year also.

I have a discus tank, with relatively soft water (3 kH... which I get to by
adding baking soda), and a high temp (90 degrees.)
I also have a CO2 tank, not DIY.

I started by changing each variable independently, and observed any changes.

First, over the year I added the proper nutrient fertilizer and iron (PMDD
recipe), but had no success with getting the algae gone.
I also planted LOTS of fast growing plants, to out compete the algae.  I
tested the nutrient levels (Nitrate and iron) to make sure that I was adding
the correct amount.

No luck.

Finally I started testing for phosphates, and found that I had no testable
levels.  My tank was phosphate limited.

Now I add a VERY small amount of discus buffer (about a grain of rice for my
30 gallon tank) per week.

The algae disappeared completely after 4 weeks or so.

Now, the only problem I have is the green dust algae that grows on the glass
of the tank.

That is what worked for me.  The LACK of phosphates was the key.

-Jeremy White