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Black Brush algea

>   I have been battling BBA for over 1.5 yrs now.  I
>don't sse how I can win this battle.  It always
>attacks the slow growing plants.  My anubius, Crypt
>parva, java ferns, hair grass and now a fear for some
>Pellia I am pampering along.  
>    I tried making friends with BBA but it is a
>tyrant.  You can't contain it.  It looked beautiful on
>a large peice of wood and my botia loved cuddling into
>it.  The stuff was 3/4 of an inch long carpet.  Now I
>have no wood in the tank and treated both wood and
>rocks in a chlorine bath.  But even after months the
>BBA is still a nuisance. 
>     I have a 40 gal. breeder with: 
>     I use DIY CO2 inserted at filter intake
>     pH of 6.5
>     dgH at about 8
>     Temp of 78
>     Use traces
>     The tank is loaded with plants, good water flow
>to maintain uniform temp and 100 watts of light. Baby
>Rams, cardinal tetras, a few corys, and one cranky
>discus.  I have tried blacking out the tanks for 3
>days but it only gives the BBA a rest.  I am tired of
>cutting tweezing, scraping, pruning and chlorinating
>away the Black Beast Algea!
>     I don't have trouble with other forms of algea. 
>I would prefer the green algea accumulate on the wood
>but can't seem to get that to happen.  So can someone
>put into more plain English what Tom Barr is saying in
>his latest posts about algea and O2 and CO2.  Any
>other insights might be of help. 

There are various methods you can use to CONTROL the algae, but you
don't seem to be happy with them; the only way to ERADICATE it
is with bleach.


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