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Wet Leaves and Dry Leaves (was: Submergent/emergent)

>last summer, I planted an Ozelot sword submerged in a pot of water 
>outside.  It actually produces at least 2 different submergent leaves. 
>One under the fluorescent lighting in the aquarium, and another in full 
>sunlight.  I believe it too stopped producing submergent leaves once it 
>had emergent leaves.  But it didn't produce leaves that came up out of 
>the water, they just floated, more like lilly pads.
>I planted one of the plantlets in a pot, with no standing water, and put 
>it in a sunny windowsill, it grows a leaf type very similar to the 
>bright sunlight submergent leaf, only a little stiffer.  It's blooming too.

Thought I'd post a picture of that emergent ozelot sword, now that it's 
started a blooming cycle.  It's also producing a much sturdier emergent 
leaf since I posted the original message.  The two different leaf types 
show in the picture.