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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #82

>I'm curious as to how SO4 affect plants and/or fishes
>in general.  I can't seem to find any info on the web.
>I'm dosing K2SO4 & MgSO4.  Somebody told me adding SO4
>is bad in general, but as long as I perform regular
>water changes it'll be ok.  Why?

I dunno why they say that. I had some extremely hard water
loaded with it, it is a plant nutrient and the form a plant will
use for it's sulfur needs. Sulfur and Ca uptake is rather slow
compared to other nutrients.I've found Potamogeton, hornwort etc
in sulfur springs.

>At what concentrations does it become lethal?

Pretty darn high.

>And wouldn't plants breakup SO4 for the needed S?  

Yes, and they do without much issue.
SO4 is a VERY common component in most all tap water/springwater

If your GH is above 3-4, you very likely don't need to add
MgSO4. K2SO4 is fine. You will be unable to cause much issues
with K2SO4 unless you go nuts, don't change the water for a very
long time etc.

Tom Barr


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