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Re: Potting soil for substrate

Marek ased:

> Does anyone have experiences using potting soil as a
> substrate?
> I like to put 1" of soil at the bottom and cover it with
> 2.5" of gravel.

One issue is anystuff that persistently floats (e.g.,
perlite additives) so you need one without the floaters. 
soak it in a test bucket first to see.  Some potting soils
are mostly peat with perlite or vermiculite added and an
inch of peat can be way more than you need.  And the soil
in your back yard might be as good or better to use.

There is no better work on soil under substrate planted
aquaria than Diana Walstad's book, _Ecology of the Planted

I'd buy that book before I bought the soil.  One place to
get it is here:


You can also find it at Amazon and other on-line

Scott H.

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