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Leonardite as a substrate

Hi, my name is Jerry Waskalik and I've been keeping tropical fish for about 40 years. Most of the fresh water species and specialized in killifish. However since moving to Georgetown, Ontario, Canada I've given up the killies who like soft water to concentrate on fish that can live in my "liquid rock" water. I've got approx 100 tanks,30 on system with the rest standalones. I have a 90 gallon that I would really like to change over to a planted tank so.... I've been lurking on this list and trying to absorb all of the info related to successful plant growth. Found out very quickly that the more I read the less I knew, however I'm determined to forge ahead. I plan to use peat moss covered with gravel as my substrate. While getting the peat I came across a product listed as Leonardite, a soil conditioner for hydroponics and soils. No other info appears on the packaging as to what the composition of this product is. My question is; is this product worthwhile to use as a supplement to the peat I putting the bottom. Any help given would be much appreciated. Also I want to say that this list has been a gold mine of info even tho at times it makes my head swim.

Thanks in advance for your responses.
In beautiful Georgetown,ON waiting and waiting and waiting for spring!!

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