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Re: SAE diets

I've never had a fully grown SAEs but I had similar issues with other algae
eaters where they either get lazy and wait for me to feed them or they turn
on the plants or even fish at times.

Last night I stepped in to my lfs to get something and thought I'd add my
name to the list of people who want SAEs (been doing so for 7 months now),
for some reason they are so hard to find around here (philly), anyway the
guy looks at me and says "You didn't see them over there?" I nearly fell on
the floor, they have a tank swarming with SAEs about 2 inch long. Like
finding gold in your back yard :)  I noticed once I got home that some had
their tail fin a little chewed up, and there is one in particular that the
others appear to be picking on, or at least chasing away from the main
group. I wonder if they did this to themselves because of overcrowding?
Anyway, couldn't be happier now that I finally found them, they went to work
immediately too which was nice to see. BTW they had them labeled as "algae
eating sharks" :)

Giancarlo Podio