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Making Light Boxes & the NEC March 28th-30th

Spring has sprung {ok thinking about sprunging :-) } and you're probably
feeling a little house-bound.  One of the premier Tropical fish workshops
happens the weekend of March 28th-30th in Hartford CT.  I fly all the way
from St. Louis to attend this show every year, it's that much fun!  This
starts off on Friday from 2-4 pm with a little "mini-AGA" meeting.  This is
a time to meet your fellow plant hobbyists and learn a little in an informal
setting.  I know that a few weeks ago there was a lot of whining on the APD
about the funky commercial power compact light systems that are available
today and how they FELL APART for many people.  I went through the same
process, sold my commercial systems to some poor sucker and went about
making my own wood light boxes using the A/H Supply kits.  Now this really
is amazing as I have essentially no woodworking skills.  Power tools terrify
me a when using them as I'm sure that I'll end up missing appendages that I
really don't want to live without!  Cutting two boards the same length
(absolutely essential to making a rectangular box) was absolutely beyond me.
I tended to hit my fingernails more than the nails I am aiming for.
Despite all this I managed to produce some pretty nice light boxes that are
square and produce tons more light than I could ever get out of the
commercial units.  I know mine will last because I know how they were put
together.  With a little help you can make a great lighbox too and move
towards superior lighting.  Come to the mini-AGA workshop on Friday and I'll
show you "Everything You Wanted To Know About Making A PC Lightbox But Were
Afraid to Ask".  Email me off list if you'd like to trade a few plants.
Bring your fish and plants for the great auction on Sunday and enjoy all of
the great speakers on Saturday.  Their lineup is outstanding this year.
Several talks concern fish that go great in the planted tank.  Randy Carey
on Barbs & Tetras, Paul Loiselle on Madagascar rainbowfish (worth it just
for this talk alone), the great Gene Lucas on bettas (he will be drawing so
bring your money to snag some of his artwork), Charles Nunziata on
Killifish.  There will be talks on Ponds and Koi (Bonnie Hale) as well as a
saltwater talk by the BEST FISH PHOTOGRAPHER period, Scott Michael.  Paul
Turley on catfish, Pam Chin on Lake Tanganyika and Mike Schadle as banquet
MC round out the ticket.  Please check it out and register at

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com