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Re: Onyx Sand vs Gravel and Laterite for Discus?

I don't have discus (yet, maybe someday...), but I do have Onyx.
For the first 6 months it did raise my KH from about 1 to 4.  But
since I was adding CO2 it wasn't a big deal, it just meant I didn't
have to add baking soda after water changes.  Now after 6 months
it's stopped buffering the water and I'm back to adding baking
soda. :-/

As far as looks, I like it a lot.  It tends to turn more grayish
as time goes on, but by then most of the groundcover plants should
be established.

So all in all, I'd say go for it.


On Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 09:42:50AM -0500, Jen Jones wrote:
> That was a long intro to my questions:  Does anyone have any experience with
> Onyx Sand, and what does it really do to your water hardness?  Should I go
> the safe route and just stick with gravel and laterite? (And does Onyx Sand
> look as cool in the tank as it does in the bag? :) )