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Re: Onyx Sand

> Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 09:42:50 -0500
> From: "Jen Jones" <jen.jones at tufts_edu>
> Subject: Onyx Sand vs Gravel and Laterite for Discus?

I too have R/O like water. Used Onyx in 35 gal. At first it raised the KH to
7 but with weekly water changes it slowly came down till now at 6 months it
is 3-4. At first it looks really cool, just like the bag but after awhile
pretty much can't see it just like other substrates ;-> I do like it. It
treats tender roots very gently. I have a beautiful very narrow leaf sag
that is picky and would only do well for me in dirt. It is now growing very
successfully in Onyx.
You might check the archives for Tom Barr's info on use of peat with Onyx to
control the hardness.
Good luck
> That was a long intro to my questions:  Does anyone have any experience with
> Onyx Sand, and what does it really do to your water hardness?  Should I go
> the safe route and just stick with gravel and laterite? (And does Onyx Sand
> look as cool in the tank as it does in the bag? :) )