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Problem with plants

 have 17G tank, 20" high. Light is Hagen LifeGlo, PowerGlo 
and AquaGlo Total 45W. Ammonia 0.1, Nitrate less then 5mg/l, 

Iron 0.25mg/l. Gravel is Seachems Flourite.I use Flourish, Flourish Iron, 

Potassium. I use DIY CO2 injection.

What happening is, my plants do not grow. Are loosing old leafs, 

they get holes on leafs which are getting bigger and bigger and then whole plant dies.

What is standing (not growing) only is Hygrophila corymbosa. Leafs are dark green

and dark red on edges and between veins. Hygro is in gravel for 2 weeks and did not put any roots.

 Tank is two months old.

What could be a problem?

PH in tank is in the morning 6.8, KH 7 and GH 10

My tap water nitrate is 3mg/L and tap ph is 7.5

Tank is 2 months old.

I do weekly water changes of 25%.

I have 12 Harlequin Rasboras, a pair of Dwarf Gourami and 2 Cory Catfish

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