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Re:Problem with plants.

At 03:15 AM 3/10/2003, Marek wrote:

>I have 17G tank, 20" high. Light is Hagen LifeGlo, PowerGlo
>and AquaGlo Total 45W. Ammonia 0.1, Nitrate less then 5mg/l,

Ammonia should be 0 in an established tank. Is this a new tank, or has the 
biological filter been disturbed, or has chlorine/chloramines been introduced?

Nitrate is a macronutrient. Without nitrate, plants just sit there and 
algae often thrives. You will probably have to start dosing Nitrates.

For a complete answer we need to know:

    * pH, KH
    * Nitrate level in your tap water (we get 30ppm out of the tap!)
    * Frequency and volume of water changes
    * Fish load

You can learn about dosing Nitrate here: