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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V6 #79

You may not be getting enough ferts into the tank if you are using the 
original PMDD rates.  Extra phosphate and traces did the job on hair algae 
for me.  I've also had great luck using barbs to help control it.  Rosy 
barbs and Odessa barbs seem to like the darn stuff really well-they eat duck 
weed, too.  Barbs can bring about their own set of problems and you should 
check them out before adding them to your tank, but they will eat hair 
algae.  Dan

Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 22:09:47 -0500
From: "Steve" <steve_wilsonii at fishpalace_org>
Subject: Oedogonium

Hello Folks, I am new to this list and I have been unable to post
my question with any success so I am trying again. I recently set up a 75
gallon planted tank. All of the plants and fish came from my 29 gallon as
did half of my lighting. I am using dual 175 watt metal halide pendants
along with pressurized CO2 and I am dosing with PMDD. The substrate is 50/50
Flourite/Onyx Sand.
Having 175 watts on a 29 gallon was a challange, but now having 350 watts on
75 gallons seems to be more of a challange to me. On the second day I
noticed some hair algae (oedogonium) growing on my grasses and the following
day I forgot to dose with PMDD and the hair algae got out of control. It
covered everyting. Since then I continued dosing with my PMDD and some extra
nitrate and the hair algae seems to be "paused" while the plants are
growing. Is there something else I could be doing to help the plants out
compete the algae?

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