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Re: Green sand

Hey gang,

> Chazz Hesselein asked:
> > A local salvage store has greensand for what seems
> to be
> > a reasonable 
> > price.  I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts
> about
> > using greensand 
> > as an aquarium substrate. 
>Scott H. queries:

 Okay, I assume it is sand and green, but can you
> tell us
> anything else about it?

Green sand is a soil additive that is high in K, Fe,
and most of the other goodies found in our substrates.
The downshot is that it's silt like and will cloud
water so, thusly, should prolly be treated like
laterite. I've never seen it personally, but Jamie
Johnson's substrate site has some info on it. Check
this out:


There is no reason not to try it. It's CEC is much
higher than Flourite or laterite (for what that's
worth), but, according to the above site, it contains
a small amount of organic matter, which is no big deal
really, and has the potential to be messy if you're
careless. It's been recommended/suggested that we
could add some ground peat to Flourite which is more
organic matter than, I would think, greensand could
possibly contain.

I would say that this goes in the "try it and see; it
can't hurt" category. If you're getting it from a
building supply, the price is prolly dirt cheap (pun
intended), and you'll need *very* little.... 

Best wishes,
John Wheeler

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