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Re: green sand

"The only greensand I am familiar with is used for
casting (as in molten 
metal casting)."

Many Killifish breeders have used Jersey Greensand to
spawn soil spawners.   It is made of the ancient
accumulated animal skeletons  just off the new jersey
shore (PETA take note..plants can consume animals too)
and is high in potassium and iron oxide along with a
lot of other nutrients.  Its P-N-K is 0-0-3.   I
bought some once and I spent hours washing it and it
still produced turbid water.  I finally gave up and
used peat instead. If I still have it around I might
consider it as an additive in plants that I pot.  I
have seen it in garden stores being sold as a
fertilizer or soil additive.  Perhaps someone out
there knows more about its composition than I do. If
there is, please chime in.



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