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SAE Death

I witnessed a dramatic SAE death that if I would not have seen, I would not
have believed. Eight SAE's were schooling and behaving normally and one
rolled over on its back twitched its tail once and died instantly. It
settled in some Eustralis and I removed it within 2 minutes. No signs of
life were present at the time it was removed. I performed an autopsy to
determine if any internal parasites were present. Nothing intestinal or gill
related was evident although I did not have access to a microscope. Water
parameters were consistent for several months prior to this. It has been 30
days since this event and no other fish deaths have occurred. The fish was
about 4.5 inches long and about 8-10 months old. I have killed my fair share
of fish in the past but never witnessed anything this sudden. Anyone else
ever experience this peculiar phenomenon? I have chalked it up to fish brain
aneurysm. Probably wrong but it helps me sleep at night.