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amazon sword question

That's what I thought. I had it in a jar with wet potting soil. Water level
was above the sword crown. The bacopa grew great, but over three weeks the
sword only produced a couple really small leaves. I thought maybe these
leaves were a submerged type, but could have sworn they could grow above
water. I wonder why they didn't start putting out leaves, did I not wait
long enough? They were in the soil for four weeks with sun. The other night
I threw them into my mangrove tank.

Also, I moved two anubias into this jar. The previously submerged leaves are
drying out. Is that to be expected and will new emerged leaves grow? What
about when I put it back into the tank? Will the emerged leaves die off


>Can an amazon sword be grown emerged? I've had bacopa monnieri and an 
>amazon sword in a small jar. The bacopa has grown great but the amazon 
>won't even put out a leave, but the roots look great.

Yes, they can, but they like wet feet, IMHO. Keep the roots underwater, and 
let the leaves grow out of the water. I have a very large sword that grows 
very large (6-10" long) leaves out of the water all the time and has been 
happy that way for years.