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Re: Filter capacity

Regarding overfiltering and possible current problems, I have an Eheim 2217
on a 55 gallon:


Initially it did produce too much current but it was simple to reduce by
using 2 pieces of larger tube over the end of the spraybar (uncapped),
increasing the diameter of the last inch or so of the output tube made a big
difference, I have the same volume of water being filtered but the pressure
is reduced considerably. Using the valves also works but that would reduce
the water volume being filtered so I chose to just reduce the pressure. The
classics were all on special and I bought this one for under $100 with all
the media, there was little difference between this and the smaller models
so I just bought the biggest I could afford at the time. I'm glad I did, the
filter has been running for 6 months and I opened it for the first time last
week to change some media and have to say I was surprised at the state of
the media, I'm sure I could have let it run for another 3 months at least
before servicing it. I ended up just replacing the filter floss and rinsing
the pads. The biological media and debris in the bottom of the stack of
media was easily removed by doing what the manual says, that is reversing
the flow and flushing the larger debris out. I wonder if this is possible
with the latest models that don't have individual valves? Anyway I couldn't
be any happier than I am with this filter, compared to my other tanks that
need monthly media cleaning this is a huge advantage.

Giancarlo Podio