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Florida trip/ Botanical meeting

Sorry Tom, I thought you were already aware of this meeting.  Its put 
on by the Botanical Society of America (the people who put out 
American Journal of Botany), American Society of Plant Taxonomists, 
American Fern Society and the American Bryological and Lichenological 
Society.  Its a professional meeting and will cover a variety of 
topics, not just aquatic plants (I plan to give a talk on my research 
on Southeast Asian gingers).  If you want to present your research 
(talk or poster) you have to submit an abstract by April 1.

The meeting is from July 26-31.

Go to http://www.2003.botanyconference.org/     for more details.  It 
looks like they are still organizing everything since they don't have 
the field trips and workshops listed yet.  I'm guessing with the 
aquatic theme they will have at least a couple aquatic oriented field 
trips, but I'd bet they have several terrestrial too.

I'm sure that once all the abstracts are submitted and the trips are 
organized they will list the full program.  So you could always wait 
until then to decide if you will go or not.


P.S. Even though I directed this towards Tom, I sent this to the list 
incase anyone else might have interest in the meeting.  Like I said 
above, its a scientific meeting, so the presentations will be 
directed towards a scientific audience, not towards a horticultural