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cherry shrimp order in the Atlanta area

Petland, on State Bridge Road in Duluth, GA, does not carry cherry shrimp
but has agreed to special order a batch.   If anyone in the Atlanta area
would like some of these animals, please call Shane or Zane and give them a
number ASAP.  They were not sure on pricing since they didn't know how many
they would order.  They will place the order next week. They aren't planning
to order a huge number of shrimp, unless they get lots of calls, since they
don't know if they will get stuck with them.  If you are interested, call
them ASAP at 770-495-4648 and let them know how many you want.  Obviously,
the more they order, the cheaper it will be for all of us.

They also have a couple of copies of the Kasselman book left at $79 and told
me this evening that when these are gone, the new ones will be higher since
their distributor went up on them.  I don't know what it is going for these
days but Amazon has it for $84.50.

Insert the usual disclaimers, I just thought I would share the info for any
interested parties. This store has been very supportive of the plant people
in this area and has been terrific about trying to get in anything we've
requested.  This is a great opportunity to get this cool shrimp and support
your LFS all at the same time!