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Re: Filter capacity

>the time).  Unfortunately, most filters with a 60 gph flow
>rate are going to be pretty small and the media may need to
>be changed very often (maybe even daily or weekly, ugh).

Hagen's AquaClear hang-on-tank filters have adjustable flow rates. The 
mechanism is very, very simple (the intake tube can be slid over the pump's 
intake so that the pump pulls less from the tank and more from the filter 
box), but it does work. You can reduce the flow maybe 5-6 times normal with 
them. For a lot of media at a low flow rate they are probably the best way 
to go since you can also fill the media compartment with three foam blocks 
instead of the foam/carbon/amorid stack if you want. I presume most of the 
canisters can also be set up this way, and maybe also flow-reduced with a 
valve, but I haven't tried it.

The AquaClears are available very cheaply from many mail order places and 
might be a good choice for a simple tank setup.


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