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RE: Bio-Spheres

My first biosphere is the smallest one which last about 20 months. Then I
bought a medium one 28 months ago, and it's still going strong, it came with
8-10 red shrimps, a sea fan, a little algae, small snails, extremely tiny
microbe. Now about 4-5 red shrimps are still alive, no snails, and little
algae. At this rate, I would expect the cute little red shrimps to be around
for another 12 months. 

The key thing is to control light and temperature. Temperature must be
stable/constant. In my oponion, there must NOT be too much light, or else
there will be big algae boom. It does need SMALL amount of light for the
algae to survive.

It has bought me lots of pleasure for more than 2 years now, and highly
recommend it. Note that the red shrimps are very small, but they sure are
cute :-)

>I'd buy one if I knew that their claims were indeed real (can live for 
>several years) but the doubt kept me from buying one back then. They
>great. Does anyone have one of these or have any opinions on them? Could 
>they really sustain life for more than 4 years without water changes, 
>oxygen, nutrients etc... 
>Giancarlo Podio