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RE: Prime and the Heavy Metals

>>I'm just going to use arbitrary values here to make an illustration.
Let's say you have 1 ppb of lead in your tap water. You add Prime _to
the tap water_ and the Prime removes the 1 ppb of lead. You then take
that tap water and add whatever you normally add to it in preparation
for doing a water change. Nothing else is lost because the trace
heavy metals in the tap have already been removed. The effect is very
minor and operates in the sub 10 ppb range. Also, the "heaviest" of
the heavy metals are preferentially precipitated (i.e. leady,
mercury, cadmium, etc).<<

The above explanation assumes a stochiometirc addition of Prime, that is, 
adding only enough Prime to remove the lead, with none left over. Any 
excess added will remain, waiting to combine with any other reactants added 
later. Or maybe I came to this discussion late, and missed some very 
important information.

Douglas Guynn
dguynn at nwol_net

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